Event Staff and Volunteer Shirts

Volunteers shirts, Staff shirts, and Security shirts really make your event look professional

You, or your organization, has an event coming up. Maybe it’s a 5k Run/Walk, perhaps an outdoor concert, or maybe it’s a community building project… What ever it is, Staff or Volunteer shirts really help make it official, it let’s attendees know who to look for with questions. We’ve literally done thousands of these, and we want to help you too.

It could be as simple as just a “Volunteer” across the back, or your event graphic and logo on the front with “Staff” on the back. But when your staff or volunteers put it on, their backs straighten up a bit – they stand a little taller, more proud. It’s a small gesture for you, but it really means a lot to them – it commemorates their participation in something that means a lot to them, your event. It builds pride in what they do.

Choosing a shirt color, getting a design, and pulling it all together is something we’re good at. We can help keep it within a budget too, because we love our community and we want to see you succeed at whatever it is you do.

Here are a few pointers:

Shirt styles

Going with a Unisex style shirt is easy, and effective. Sometimes that’s all you need, but depending on how organized you are in knowing who is volunteering or working, it can be a really nice touch to add Women’s cut shirts too.

Shirt color

Whatever color you choose, a coordinated set of shirts all in the same color helps distinguish the staff for the attendees. Or maybe you need to differentiate between staff and volunteers by using two different colors. It also helps make your annual event stand out when you use a new color each year.


As I mentioned, it can be as simple as just the word “Staff” or “Volunteer” across the back, or it can have your organization logo or event design on the front and/or back. Maybe you have a bunch of business sponsors? Adding those to the shirts can really add value for your sponsors, not to mention making making them feel proud to support your project.