Band Shirts

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Most of us have bands we love, bands we love to see perform live, who we want to see succeed, who we want to support. It’s no surprise that the best way to support a band is to buy merchandise at their show. That money spent at a show on their stuff goes straight to the band.

We love to support bands!

At Wentworth we want to help bands succeed, and we know that by having high quality tshirts and hoodies is one of the ways we can help! We’ve been printing band shirts since the very beginning, before we even dreamed of being a print shop… and we’ve been at it ever since.

We can print any kind of design, on any kind of apparel. From the classic white designs on black shirts, to full color album artwork on colored shirts. We can even help create a one-of-a-kind design that doesn’t appear anywhere else. Tour shirts? Absolutely! Album release shirts? Yup. Record label promo items? Done it.

Getting high quality for less

High quality printing is what we do all of the time, so when you hire us to print shirts for you, that is what you’re going to get. One thing you might not be aware of is that we have highly competitive rates. But we take that a step further for bands – we offer a music industry discount. We don’t just say we do, we show you. We invoice the job at regular prices, then subtract the discount from the job total so you can see how you’re saving. We also don’t force you to print any minimums.

Here are a few examples of band shirts we’ve done in just the past few months.

Let us print shirts for your band!

Contact us, or Request a quote, and let’s get started printing shirts for your band!

Event Staff and Volunteer Shirts

Volunteers shirts, Staff shirts, and Security shirts really make your event look professional

You, or your organization, has an event coming up. Maybe it’s a 5k Run/Walk, perhaps an outdoor concert, or maybe it’s a community building project… What ever it is, Staff or Volunteer shirts really help make it official, it let’s attendees know who to look for with questions. We’ve literally done thousands of these, and we want to help you too.

It could be as simple as just a “Volunteer” across the back, or your event graphic and logo on the front with “Staff” on the back. But when your staff or volunteers put it on, their backs straighten up a bit – they stand a little taller, more proud. It’s a small gesture for you, but it really means a lot to them – it commemorates their participation in something that means a lot to them, your event. It builds pride in what they do.

Choosing a shirt color, getting a design, and pulling it all together is something we’re good at. We can help keep it within a budget too, because we love our community and we want to see you succeed at whatever it is you do.

Here are a few pointers:

Shirt styles

Going with a Unisex style shirt is easy, and effective. Sometimes that’s all you need, but depending on how organized you are in knowing who is volunteering or working, it can be a really nice touch to add Women’s cut shirts too.

Shirt color

Whatever color you choose, a coordinated set of shirts all in the same color helps distinguish the staff for the attendees. Or maybe you need to differentiate between staff and volunteers by using two different colors. It also helps make your annual event stand out when you use a new color each year.


As I mentioned, it can be as simple as just the word “Staff” or “Volunteer” across the back, or it can have your organization logo or event design on the front and/or back. Maybe you have a bunch of business sponsors? Adding those to the shirts can really add value for your sponsors, not to mention making making them feel proud to support your project.

Fitness and Yoga Apparel

Custom yoga and fitness apparel

Just imagine the business and team comradery you can create with custom yoga and fitness apparel boasting your own business logo. Now is the time to jazz up your stock with merchandise that is apt to fly off your shelves!

Wentworth Screen Printing can make customized yoga and fitness apparel with any brand you carry.  However, if you are looking for another brand of performance apparel, let us know.  We offer lots of fitness apparel options to customize.  From Bella+Canvas to Next Level Apparel, from Alternative Apparel to Champion these brands will get your business noticed!

Company Apparel

Nothing says professional more than custom printed apparel for your employees

When your customers come in to your place of business, or your employees show up at your customers door wearing shirts with your business name and logo on them, people take notice. You not only look organized, but you look ready to take care of business!

We’ve been printing apparel for business since our beginnings, and we love it. We may not always see what it looks like on your employees, but it brings a joy when we picture our work making you look good.

Tshirts, polos, button up long or short sleeves, hoodies, and more

We can help find the right apparel for your business. If you or your employees can wear it, we can print it. No job is too small or large.

Music Festival Season is Coming!

Music Festival T-Shirts That Rock – Festival Season is Coming!

Here’s the thing: people may forget the actual show, but they never forget about the experience they had at a music festival or concert. Souvenirs are how they commemorate that experience. Memories can fade away, but they’ll recall the good times every time they slip on their shirt or hoodie.

Custom T-Shirts for Band Merch, Music Festivals, and Concerts

The merchandise you offer at a music festival won’t make or break your event, but it can help with the momentum you’re building. Memorable graphics create a product which concert-goers will wear repetitively, helping spread the word better than a full-page add in the newspaper (who reads those anyways?). Quality work will help the t-shirt stand up to multiple wears without degrading the overall experience for the consumer. That’s why it is critical that you choose the right print shop to make your shirts.

That’s where Wentworth can help. Our quality is second to none. Not only that, but we can help you select garments that will stand up to the test of time, and show that your event is one not to be missed.

Whether it’s just shirts, of if you have a whole line of clothing options – Wentworth can help

We have time and time again helped event organizers pull together merchandise for their concerts and festivals. Tshirts, hoodies, tanktops – we’ve done it all, and we want to do it for you!

Promotional Items

Make your business stand out!

Wentworth Screen Printing in Minneapolis, Minnesota provides screen printing services for promotional items including – t-shirts, towels, Tote bags, Backpacks, sweatshirts, jackets and more. We can reproduce your logo or custom image on 100’s of items. Serving businesses and organizations throughout the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area.

We can handle any screen printing job you might have, whether large or small. We offer spot color and four color process printing. Our years of screen printing experience, along with our state of the art equipment, film output unit and Synchroprint, enables us to reproduce artwork with amazing precision.