Digital Printing

Digital Printing, Direct-To-Garment or DTG, is the process of printing with a digital printer directly onto fabric

We are proud to offer Direct-To-Garment printing!

Using this process we print directly onto your garment using a water based ink. Direct to garment printing is best for one-off gifts, smaller orders or designs that have too many colors for screen printing.

Please Note – All files must be 300 DPI or vector format. Design should be sized to the size it should be printed. Text must be converted to outlines. Printing can only be as good as the artwork.

A few examples that we’ve printed. Click on an image to view.

What is Digital, or Direct-To-Garment Printing?

Direct-to-garment (DTG) digital printing uses a specialized printer to transfer an image directly onto a fabric. Because there’s no stencil, multiple colors can be applied all at the same time, rather than in separate layers, meaning this technique is often used to print intricate or very colorful designs.

Don’t be fooled, because it’s not screen printing you might assume there is very little setup required, which is simply not true. Why it’s significant is it is a more cost-effective option for printing small batches of clothing or single items. And because it uses a computerized image rather than a stencil, it’s great for producing photographic or highly detailed designs. However, as the colors are printed using CMYK-style dots rather than solid blocks of ink, it doesn’t provide quite the same texture as screen printing.

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