Band Merch

We love to support bands!

At Wentworth we want to help bands succeed, and we know that by having high quality tshirts and hoodies is one of the ways we can help! We’ve been printing band shirts since the very beginning, before we even dreamed of being a print shop… and we’ve been at it ever since.

We can print any kind of design, on any kind of apparel. From the classic white designs on black shirts, to full color album artwork on colored shirts. We can even help create a one-of-a-kind design that doesn’t appear anywhere else. Tour shirts? Absolutely! Album release shirts? Yup. Record label promo items? Done it.

We do more than just shirts…

We can help you get more than just tshirts. Besides the obvious other merch items like Hoodies, Tank tops, long sleeves, bandanas, we can also help source just about anything you can dream up; Koozies, hats, water bottles, tote bags, and more. Let’s get creative with what you offer your fans!

Now offering posters!

Here at Wentworth, we’ve started printing posters. It’s been a popular merch item for as long as bands have been playing concerts, but posters have really experienced a resurgence recently and why not take advantage of that for your bottom line? Some of the best band merch is limited run items like posters, something for your fans to say, “I was there!” or “I’m a super fan!”

Whether it’s your album artwork, or a friend of yours’ artwork, or something we create, we can put it on paper. We use quality, custom mixed water-based inks, 100lb French Paper Co. coverstock, and craftsmanship to make your designs look and feel incredible!

Getting high quality for less

High quality printing is what we do all of the time, so when you hire us to print shirts for you, that is what you’re going to get. One thing you might not be aware of is that we have highly competitive rates. But we take that a step further for bands – we offer a music industry discount. We don’t just say we do, we show you. We invoice the job at regular prices, then subtract the discount from the job total so you can see how you’re saving. We also don’t force you to print any minimums.

Here are a few examples of band shirts we’ve done in just the past few months.

Let us print for your band!

Contact us, or Request a quote, and let’s get started printing shirts for your band!